Façade elements

The range of façade products includes a wide choice of surface textures. All the ZF Zierer façade elements shown below are fitted with our patented fastening system – a big advantage for cladding fitted in front of a ventilation cavity, because the insulation and masonry remains dry and continues to function properly. So the energy-saving effect of the insulating material is ensured permanently.

Energy-savings exceeding 50% are realistic when complying with the stipulations of Germany's energy conservation legislation. Check out the government-sponsored subsidies.

Ashlar stone look

Our ashlar stone product replicates hammer-dressed sandstone. The benefits are the large format and the deep relief. This product can be …


Curved slate look

Our curved slate look replicates the traditional cladding form exactly. The benefits are the simple and quick erection, and once in place, …


Facing brickwork look NBII

The surface texture of this product replicates the well-known "random bond". The irregular positioning of the headers gives a wall its very …


Rendered look

The ZF Zierer rendered look in the form of a "system with ventilation cavity" represents a sensible, zero-maintenance alternative to a …


Textured panels

Our textured panels resemble a hammer-dressed slate surface. Their geometric form allows them to be used anywhere, because the vertical …


Tiled look

ZF Zierer tile-like façade elements represent a lightweight alternative to small-format ceramic façades. The clear lines of the façade are …