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The ZF Zierer company participates regularly in major national and international trade fairs throughout Europe.

The philosophy


The material used for manufacturing ZF Zierer products is impact-resistant and unbreakable polyester fibreglass. Pigments are added to the raw materials and the final product is also given a surface coating. Therefore, ZF Zierer products made from glass fibre-reinforced polymer (GFRP) are perfect for external cladding. With experience gained over almost 50 years, the ZF Zierer company counts as an expert when it comes to glass fibre-reinforced polymers. The durability of the material has proved itself over decades of use in ships and aircraft.

Quality control

Complex technical quality control procedures in our own production plant ensure the exceptionally high standard of our products. This is guaranteed not only by our own factory production control. Our façade elements are available with DIN 4102 B II (flammable) and DIN 4102 B I (not easily flammable) fire ratings. To achieve this latter fire class, which is excellent for GFRP, our products must be checked continuously by the materials-testing authority of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin (test ref. PA-III 2.2166). So ZF Zierer façades are also suitable for refurbishing multi-storey apartment blocks.


Architecture was and is the manifestation of contemporary construction. Therefore, innovative production methods have ensured that plastics, owing to their properties, which are ideal for housing and industrial buildings, are being paid more and more attention in architecture.


The product

Energy-saving, environmentally friendly

For private households, one of the best ways to save energy, and hence money, is to carry out roof or façade refurbishment measures. A façade upgraded according to Germany’s latest energy conservation legislation pays for itself over the years. Damp masonry can dry out behind ZF Zierer façade cladding. Cracks are covered and the building is given a new look. Full insulation can save up to 50% on heating costs. Furthermore, ZF Zierer products can be fully recycled, do not contain any asbestos and are free from halogens and cadmium. That makes them ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

animierter Wandaufbau Fassadensanierung

Building physics

Ventilation cavity = healthy living. The principle behind ZF Zierer façades is the cladding fitted in front of a ventilation cavity. In building physics terms, this is regarded as the optimum solution for façade refurbishment. Uneven walls can be evened out. The additional insulation guarantees considerable savings on heating costs. ZF Zierer façades ensure optimum thermal performance and moisture control for external walls exposed to the weather and thus create comfortable interiors.

Verarbeitung unserer Fassadenplatten, Giebelsanierung mit Klinkerstruktur


The patented fastening system is the key innovative advantage of ZF Zierer products. It guarantees that the products can withstand driving rain. Furthermore, installation is quick and simple with the user-friendly fastening system. Façades can be built at any time of the year because ZF Zierer façades made from polyester fibreglass remain unbreakable and impact-resistant even at sub-zero temperatures.

Fassadenplatten beliebig kombinierbar


All the high-quality façade products from ZF Zierer can be combined with each other as required. There are no limits to the design options.