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Curved slate look

Curved slate look

Our curved slate look replicates the traditional cladding form exactly. The benefits are the simple and quick erection, and once in place, …


Are you one of those property owners whose building suffers from mould and fungus after thermal insulation has been added to the external walls?

If so, then the solution is a ZF Zierer façade.

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Our new website is now available. Optimised for all equipment, from desktop to smartphone, as in the past you have access to all the …

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MONTAGEVIDEO ... this is how our facade goes!

ZF Zierer façades

Quality and durability. With those aims in mind, we have been producing façade and roof elements from unbreakable fibreglass (glass fibre-reinforced composite) on the highest technical level for almost 50 years. Over those years, millions of square metres of ZF Zierer products have given roofs and walls a new look.

In the form of a façade system fitted in front of a ventilation cavity or as a lightweight roof covering (just 7.2 kg/m2, yet still accessible for maintenance), our façades and roofs with their integral insulating materials help to save energy and thus make a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.